Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 10 Films of 2012

Thanks to late-December releases and Netflix Instant, 2012, in my mind at least, redeemed itself as an important, diverse and damn good year for movies. Zero Dark Thirty, not even in wide-release until this Friday, and Bernie, the streamable indie darling, were particular standouts in my viewings over the past few weeks. The list below reflects, in somewhat arbitrary order, the films that challenged me and hit a deeper register than just entertainment.

But allow me to conduct inventory first: I wrote 20 film reviews this year in addition 13 columns; reviews of televisionvideo games and stand-up comedy; an obituary and untold college essays, one viewable here. There are plenty more interviews and Cornell-specific write-ups viewable on The Cornell Daily Sun website. The numbers above in no way can be described as "prolific," at least compared to those who do this professionally, but it was a healthy and experimental year of writing that I hope I can top in 2013.

My Top 10 Films of 2012: 

1. Zero Dark Thirty
2. This Is Not a Film
3. The Master
4. Lincoln
5. Life of Pi
6. Bernie
7. Skyfall
8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
9. Cosmopolis
10. Cloud Atlas / Holy Motors (tie)

A few honorable mentions that could easily swap places with most of the above picks: AmourBraveThe GreyMoonrise KingdomSeven Psychopaths and Silver Linings Playbook.

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