Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Love You, Man Review

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I Love You, Man:
Directed by John Hamburg
Released in 2009

I was surprised to hear that Judd Apatow had no direct connection to this film in one bit. Then I was relieved. While I love all that Apatow has made and done for the 21st century comedy scene, it is great to see his "disciples" move past his guidance and do things by themselves. As a result, I Love You, Man is a perfect example of the stars taking charge and starting their own scene.

I Love You, Man is about the story a man named Peter (Paul Rudd). Peter has no friends, well, male friends at least. He has always been the lady's man but never developed a close bond to a male. He realizes this needs to change when he has no best man for his wedding. So, Peter goes on a quest to find a "bromance" with someone who he can see eye-to-eye with. There are a bunch of funny scenes with him finding that "special someone," with the predictable situation when one of his targets turns out to be gay and is looking for more than a friendship. However, Peter finally finds Sydney Fife (Jason Segal), a dude that he instantly clicks with. What results are the various, amusing situations they get into as well as the usual conflict and *spoiler alert* make-up they have at the end. If there is any real con about this film, it is that it is very, very predictable. Thankfully, the movie is funny enough to keep you entertained for its reasonable duration.

Paul Rudd and Jason Segal are the perfect duo. Paul plays the awkward, desperate-to-please friend while Jason fits in with the laid-back, forgiving mold his character possesses. Andy Samberg appears as Peter's gay brother and JK Simmons and Jane Curtin are Peter's very amusing parents. There is also a scene with an Apatow, Paul Rudd-regular: Joe Lo Truglio. You probably don't recognize his name but he is an instantly recognizable character. He played Lonnie, a minor character whose voice cracked every time he spoke. These scenes were hilarious and he was my favorite part of the film, no small praise.

So, I Love You, Man is a very funny movie. It follows the regular formula we all know but that is fine when there is great talent behind each of the characters.

Final Verdict:
3.5 Stars Out of 5

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